The Best of CenterStage Productions

Celebrate Earth is a compilation tape of the best CenterStage Children’s Theatre music, including the United Nations’ Global Youth Forum’s 1993 theme song: WE ARE THE ONES. The recording includes songs from To Save the Planet, Danger Dinosaurs, Music of the Planets, I Want to Know, Robin Hood, Frankenspell Superstar and Say Yes to Life. Features performances by professional singers Janet Planet, Tim Dorsey, James Hart, plus the CenterStage Children’s Theatre Troupe. Complete Teacher’s Kits, Classroom Musicals, accompaniment tapes and related study materials are available for each title from the publisher. Youth: Grades 2-12.


“We Are The Ones” moved me to tears. It encapsulates everything the world youth environmental movement is all about. These songs truly show the depth and variety of Tobin James Mueller’s genius. Ingird Kavanagh, Children’s Alliance for the Protection of the Environment, 1993)

More Information:

Author TOBIN JAMES MUELLER is a composer, lyricist, playwright, author, director and producer. His body of children’s music has been captured on10 separate recordings from CenterStage Productions. In addition, he has written 3 adult musicals, all of which have appeared on New York stages. In 1994, he was inducted into the United Nations’ Global 500 Roll of Honor for his work with children and the environment worldwide. His youth musical TO SAVE THE PLANET has been performed over 300 times in seven countries. Tobin has also written 2 dramas, several books, a symphony and a ballet. He is a member of the Dramatists Guild, has served as past president of the WTA Children’s Theatre Division and was a WI Arts Board Artist from 1989-93.


We Are the Ones
Cradle of Life - Music of the Planets
Hole in the Sky - To Save the Planet
I Want to Know - I Want to Know
Sweet Liberty - Robin Hood
Is There a Hope - Danger, Dinosaurs!
Happy Birthday World - Music of the Planets
Save the Planet - To Save the Planet
In the Great Dream - Robin Hood
Lay Your Burdens Down - Robin Hood
See Yourself Free - Say Yes to Life
Run, Run Away - Frankenspell Superstar
Let Freedom In - Robin Hood