Music of the Planets
A musical journey through the Solar System

Booklist Review:

INNOVATIVE TEACHING MUSICALS! A perfect resource for school and public libraries. Tobin James Mueller has combined music, drama, and curriculum in a series of “Classroom Musicals.” The cassette contains two interpretations of the musical: one by an adult cast and one by a children’s cast. Sound effects and characterizations are used to full advantage. The music is bright, and the lyrics are fun as well as informative. Illustrated student booklets with lyrics and annotations expand the information. Additional materials on how to prepare a school musical can be obtained from the producers. Ages 9-12. (Judy Morrissey, Copyright 1990 Booklist)

Bearclaws Review:

A feature of the Classroom Musical is its flexibility. They are designed for any combination of grades and ages. From 15 to 100 children actors can be used. Teachers who need to use different skill or grade levels, like after an school drama club or a gifted and talent class, find the package to be excellent for that purpose. Over 300 schools across the country have successfully used this series. The Classroom Musicals package comes with a director’s script, choreography and production notes, interdisciplinary activities guide, worksheets, scripts, piano scores, demonstration tapes and audiocassettes. The tapes help kids memorize their parts. (Larry Cowley, Copyright 1990 Bearclaws)

Educators' Comments:

"My students just finished 'Music of the Planets' and they had a ball!
It is so rare that one comes across a musical that appeals to the junior
high audience. I enjoyed not only the music and show, but the workbook
and production packet as well. It was an enormous aid to me as a

Choral Director, 4-8
Highland Park Intermediate, OR

"The kids learned so much without even knowing it. . .
And they had so much fun doing it!"

"The learning and the standing ovations will stick with the children forever."
Music Teacher

"They learned about the planets by becoming the planets. . .
And their retention was fantastic!"
4th Grade Teacher

"Best Science unit ever!"
5th Grade Teacher

"I was impressed by the infusion of the Arts into the educational process."
7th Grade Teacher

"I enthusiastically observed a 4th grade production. It overshadowed our high school performances. . .Most impressive. . . I would rate this experience as one of the 'bright spots' of my educational career."
Superintendent of Schools

Additional Information:

MUSIC OF THE PLANETS is a half hour musical for youth about the solar system, with the CenterStage Children’s Youth Theatre performing the show on one side of the tape and professional performers singing on the reverse side. With a different musical style for each planet (a calypso for hot Mercury; a french love song for Venus, a surfer’s tune for Neptune…), this enchanting musical teaches about the planets, asteroids and sun while entertaining. Incorporates all the latest discoveries and NASA photography from recent space missions. Breathtaking airbrush artwork by Robert Ulrich. This is CenterStage’s all-time best seller. Complete Teacher’s Kit, Classroom Musical, accompaniment tapes and related study materials are available from the publisher. Children: Grades 2-8.

Song List:

Happy Birthday World - Overture for the Birth of the Solar System
Mercury - a hot calypso
Venus - a French love song
Earth - The Cradle of Life
Mars - The Red Planet Blues
Asteroids - a shattered planet
Jupiter - The Planet King
Saturn - Ring-a-Round
Uranus - Lazy Planet In The Sky
Neptune - Surfin’ Neptune
Pluto - Poor Pluto
Happy Birthday World Reprise