ROBIN HOOD and the Free People of the Forest
A New Musical


Theatrical review:

A stunning experience in theatre, music, history and legend. “Robin Hood” It’s a melding of history and a legend that every youngster loves, superimposed upon a solid background: an original story that introduces another heroine to the cadre of Robin Hood’s Merry Men. She is Dianah, the brave Saxon maiden who defies the panoply of Norman power and initiates the freedom movement that ultimately results in the Magna Carta. Set toward the end of the 12th century, with Normans in tight control of England a century or more after the Conquest, “Robin Hood” has much to say about downtrodden masses, war, freedom. The music is tuneful, intricate and sophisticated. Another masterpiece written, directed, composed and excecuted by the multifaceted creator of CenterStage Productions, Tobin James Mueller. (Mary Ellen Ducklow, 1992, The Post Crescent)

More Information:

Although full of adventure and swashbuckling fun, this retelling of the famous saga is much more than a frolic in the greenwood with the mischievous Merrie Men. ROBIN HOOD tells the story of Diana, a determined young woman who joins Robin’s band and turns them into freedom fighters, spreading revolution throughout the countryside. Her influence has unpredictable consequences, but in the end, the effect is the downfall of King John and the establishment of the Magna Charta. A truly inspiring and delightful story told through breathtaking music and moving lyrics. Performed off-Broadway in New York City, as well as toured twice by CenterStage Productions. A complete script, lyrics and accompaniment tape available from the publisher. Youth to Adult. (There have been 3 versions of this show troured and performed. Call or email CenterStage Productions and find out which version is best for your performance needs.)

Song List:

Too Many years
Can You Hear It Now?
Out Of The Forest
Let Freedom In
Hail, To The Sheriff!
Lay Your Burdens Down
Sweet Liberty
One Less Child
In The Great Dream
Can We Change The World?