Say “Yes!” to Life
A musical for youth about the dangers drugs pose to the joys of living


Booklist Review:

INNOVATIVE TEACHING MUSICALS! A perfect resource for school and public libraries. Tobin James Mueller has combined music, drama, and curriculum in a series of “Classroom Musicals.” The cassette contains two interpretations of the musical: one by an adult cast and one by a children’s cast. Sound effects and characterizations are used to full advantage. The music is bright, and the lyrics are fun as well as informative. Illustrated student booklets with lyrics and annotations expand the information. Additional materials on how to prepare a school musical can be obtained from the producers. Ages 10-15. (Judy Morrissey, Copyright 1990 Booklist, All Rights Reserved)

Bearclaws Review:

A feature of the Classroom Musical is its flexibility. They are designed for any combination of grades and ages. From 15 to 100 children actors can be used. Teachers who need to use different skill or grade levels, like after an school drama club or a gifted and talent class, find the package to be excellent for that purpose. Over 300 schools across the country have successfully used this series. The Classroom Musicals package comes with a director’s script, choreography and production notes, interdisciplinary activities guide, worksheets, scripts, piano scores, demonstration tapes and audiocassettes. The tapes help kids memorize their parts. (Larry Cowley, Copyright 1990 Bearclaws, All Rights Reserved)

Government Agency Recommendations:

Highly appropriate material for today’s youth. The greatest pressure teenagers feel is from their peers. SAY YES TO LIFE helps them sort it all. The music will speak to them. (NASADAD, June 1990)

Educators' Comments:

"I love the show. I love the music. 'Say Yes to Life' is the most
moving musical I've ever seen for Junior High."

Music and Drama Director, 1-12
Hilbert High School, WI

Additional Information:

SAY “YES!” TO LIFE is a 40-minute musical for youth about the dangers drugs and alcohol abuse pose to the joys of living. It has been performed all around the United States and is endorsed by the NIDA and the NASADAD. SAY “YES!” chronicles a day in the life of a typical teenage student, portraying all the frustrations, fears and temptations of today’s youth with irony and humor. It helps youths understand and cope with the problems of drug and alcohol abuse, peer pressure, dysfunctional families, and self-esteem. The characters find the hero within, the courage to be themselves. Complete Teacher’s Kit, Classroom Musical, accompaniment tapes and related study materials are available from the publisher. Youth: Grades 4-12.

Scene & Song List:

Backstage, Among Friends
Here Come the Good Guys
Off To School
The Follower Fugue
After School
Straight Talk Rap - Just Say No
Going Home
See Yourself Free
One Lonely Night
Genie In The Bottle
On Your Feet!
Where To Go For Help