Celebrate Earth
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Celebrate Earth
The Best of Center Stage Productions
"Celebrate Earth" is compilation tape of the best CenterStage Children’s Theatre music, including the United Nations’ Global Youth Forum’s 1993 theme song: WE ARE THE ONES.

“We Are The Ones” moved me to tears. It encapsulates everything the world youth environmental movement is all about. These songs truly show the depth and variety of Tobin James Mueller’s genius.
• Ingird Kavanagh, Children’s Alliance for the Protection of the Environment, 1993


To view the list of songs, see below.

CELEBRATE EARTH's song list includes:

1. We Are the Ones - Theme Song of
Children's Alliance for Protection of the Environment (CAPE)
and the 1993 United Nations Youth Forum

2. Earth: Cradle of Life - from Music of the Planets

3. Hole in the Sky - from To Save the Planet

4. I Want to Know - from I Want to Know!

5. Sweet Liberty - from Robin Hood & the Free
People of the Forest

6. T. Rex, the King / Is There a Hope? - from
Danger, Dinosaurs!

7. Happy Birthday World Finale - from
Music of the Planets

8. Save the Planet - from To Save the Planet

9. In The Great Dream - from Robin Hood &
the Free People of the Forest

10. Lay Your Burdens Down - from Robin Hood
& the Free People of the Forest

11. See Yourself Free - from Say "Yes!" to Life

12. Run, Run Away - from Frankenspell Superstar

13. Let Freedom In - from Robin Hood & the
Free People of the Forest

Original Troupe
Original CenterStage Children's Theatre Troupe

NOTE: Most of the music from CELEBRATE EARTH has been performed by the CenterStage Children's Theatre Troupe in a "Best Of…" single performance musical review. Scripts are available by special order. Call
1- 203-899-0319

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