Frankenspell Superstar
The Creature Mountain Girl
A musical drama about what it means to be human

FRANKENSPELL SUPERSTAR is a 60-minute one-act rock opera that brings to life the fable of Dr. Frankenstein's Creature in a new and inspiring way. Highlighting the short life of the Creature, FRANKESPELL SUPERSTAR chronicles his struggles to understand the world, his escape into the countryside, and his encounters with fear and rejection. In the mountains, he finds a little girl who is not afraid of him. Unlike the movie and Mary Shelley’s book, the Creature does not accidentally harm the girl, but learns from her what it means to be human.

Performed off-Broadway, as well as toured by CenterStage Productions.

  FRANKENSPELL SUPERSTAR was first performed as a benefit for Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and was wildly successful. The cast consisted of junior high and high school performers, with a chorus of 40 elementary school children playing the part of lab animals and forest creatures.

The one-hour score was subsequently rewritten for off-broadway and presented as a 90-minute one-act, enlarging the part of the narrating gypsies, the Disney-like lab animals, and the entertaining townspeople. This off-broadway script is available by special order.

Appropriate for all ages.
Principle characters should be able to handle difficult music; grades 7-12.
Recommended for High School.

Frankenstein Lab
Gypsies narrate the scene as Dr. Frankenstein prepares to bring his Creature to life in
Lab Mice
Lab mice sing to the Creature in Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory.

`Cuz you're tall…don't mean you know all.
You still must plan and think things through.
`Cuz we're small, don't mean we're oddball.
We're quick, but we get stepped on too!

So listen up!

Keep your head on straight.
(In your case, that's a real concern)
Don't intimidate.
(I hate it when big guys do that.)
Always concentrate.
(Don't go and water down life none, ya hear?)
Create your own fate.
Collaborate! Innovate! Emancipate!


The Girl:
When you came, so frightening yet afraid…
like an orphaned child without a name.
All alone,
so much unknown.
Now you have found a home…

The Creature:
Right from the start
You opened up your heart,
You made me feel a part.
`Though I'd nothing to give,
You helped me to live.
You opened your hand…to mine…entwined…

The Girl & The Creature:
What we have learned,
we've given each in turn.
We've opened up the world.
We've each found a place
And grown strong with grace.
We've shown each the face…of one…
dreamed of…
What we've learned is love…

Creature and Girl
The little mountain girl calms the Creature's fears and teaches him what it means to be human.

Note: FRANKENSPELL SUPERSTAR has developed over the years as it has been presented in differing venues. The original one hour score is available, as well as the 90 minute off-broadway version. A custom accompaniment tape or CD can be special ordered incorporating the new music developed for off-broadway. Also, the off-braodway script is available for performance by special order. Call 1- 203-899-0319 for more details.

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