Mickey Spleen
Demo song


An original swing era musical about health and the human body

Lucy Lymphette and her 2 sisters come to the famous detective complaining of a strange illness. Soon, they are hot on the heals of Vinny Virus and the RNA Mobsters, racing through every major body system, tracking down what ails them. This delighful musical whodunit teaches about general health while emphasizing the immune system, curculatory system, respiratory system, skelatal structure, muscles, and the process which enables viruses to hijack cells for duplicating RNA. Not only is it the funniest script we offer, the music is phenomenal and the pace never lets up. Take advantage of the renewed interest in Swing Era music and put on MICKEY SPLEEN this year!


It was a dark and lonely night that evening as Mickey worked late in his musty office. An office in someone's spleen. Not exactly glamorous - but it was a great place to hear about all those creepying parasites out there - and to get a jump on them…

"Mickey Spleen Saves the Day" is a hillarious spoof on the old detective stories. And it's filled with great swing music sure to energize your students. Appropriate for grades 4-12; target grades for stage performance: 5-9.

Mickey and Lucy
Mr. Spleen listening to advice from Lucy Lymphette in Mickey Spleen Saves the Day.

RNA Mobsters
Vinny Virus getting entangled in the whodunit plot with his RNA Mobsters.
from Mickey Spleen Saves the Day

I sneak into a cell.
Pretend that all is well.
Then put you in my spell.
And compel the cell to make copies of me.
That’s when I propel
Into a new cell.
Same message I retell,
Until you start to swell
and swell and swell until you get ill…

(sung by Vinny Virus)

Signed Photo
Signed photo of the original Mickey, Vinny and Lymphette Sisters

Please Note:
This show is new and the Teacher's Manual has not been fully produced. There is no piano score nor other productions notes available. However, because we would love to have you premiere the show with your students, we're offering it at a low introductory price (see Order Form).

Also, you may use our Teacher Hotline to call at any time and ask questions regarding staging, etc.


A swing era musical about human anatomy

Satirizing the old hardboiled detective stories, this delightful whodunit follows our hero, Mickey Spleen, as he teams up with the Lymphette Sisters to foil the evil plans of Vinny Virus. Meet the GI Guys, Skull and Bones, and the RNA Mobsters as you journey through the human body. The music is all swing era jazz; delightful, hilarious, and educational. Emphasizes the immune system; utilizes medical vocabulary. Grades 3-9. 45 minutes.

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