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Say "Yes!" To Life
a musical drama about the dangers drugs pose to the joys of living

Music and Lyrics by Tobin James Mueller

An Innovative Approach to Learning!

Center Stage Productions specializes in enriching academic studies with musical drama. Students don't just learn facts, they sing them, act them out, paint them, dress them up, and make them come to life. For studying history and science, this approach has proven to be most successful. Difficult concepts are transformed into accessible 3-dimensional experiences that each student can understand. Our newest musical, Say "Yes!" To Life, carries this success to new heights.

Attack the Drug Problem at the Heart!

At the heart of the adolescent drug problem are emotions: fear, insecurity, curiousity, pain. To help your students through, you have to get them to open up. Nothing is better than music at reaching inside a person and pulling out hidden feelings. Not only will your students love to perform the hard driving and inspiring songs in Say "Yes!" To Life, the music will make them cry, make them angry, make them proud. Plus, the exercise of acting out problems and solutions is a perfect activity for kids caught amidst the tough choices drugs pose. Classroom Activities reinforce the issues raised, integrating them into your daily curriculum.

A Day in the Life of a Student

The dramatic action of Say "Yes!" To Life, follows a "typical" student through a "Typical" day. As a bouyant Narrator describes (in rosy superlatives) a perfect day-in-the-life, the actors act out the exact opposite. The result is hilarious satire and poignant irony. When the Narrator is convinced to look at things more realistically, the play takes a serious turn, moving the audience to tears. All ends well, as the characters find the courage to be themselves, finding the hero within. The style of performance is simple, straightforward, and theatrical.

A Performance Involves the Entire Community

Not only does a theatrical performance provide a focus for your students to learn, it draws in the entire community. Community support is essential in addressing the drug problem. Use a public performance of Say "Yes!" To Life as a rallying point to mobilize awareness and support.

Don't Wait Till It's Too Late

If students haven't decided to be drug free by 9th grade it may be too late. That is why we have targeted Grades 6-8 with this musical. Give your students the tools, the emotional and intellectural ammunition, to fight their own personal war against drugs. Be committed to your anti-drug curriculum. Provide your students with an experience they will never forget. Enrich your classroom with Say "Yes!" To Life today!

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