Musicals Students Love to Perform!

Center Stage Productions presents a series of new musicals that have kids singing all across the nation. They're full of life, display tremendous musical variety, and have the best songs of any musicals on the market. Plus, they embrace the far reaching and important issues that are on the minds of young people today: Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Ecology, Economics, Health and much more. Appropriate for grades 4-12.

We provide everything you need for a successful production: Complete Conductor/Piano Score, Separate Vocal Parts, Libretto, Director's Script and Annotations, Student Script, Production and Choreography Notes, a wonderfully orchestrated Accompaniment Tape, and Demonstration Tapes for each child to practice with on their own. The Accompaniment Tape frees your hands; you are no longer tied to the piano. The consistency of the tape lends confidence to your students' performance. In addition, there are Activity Guides, Worksheets, and Student Books that enable the Classroom Teacher to integrate your musical into their daily curriculum.

We provide an around-the-clock Teacher Hotline manned by educators who have staged each musical. Call for more information.

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The Musicals Your Students Love to Perform!

An Innovative Approach to Learning

Center Stage Productions specializes in enriching academic studies with musical drama. Students don't just learn facts, they sing them, act them out, paint them, dress them up, and make them come to life. For studying everything from history to science, this approach has proven to be highly successful. Difficult concepts are transformed into accessible 3-dimensional experiences that each student can understand. The music is challenging, modern and wonderfully varied. Ultimately, the marriage between music, drama and academics helps to facilitate interdisciplinary cooperation and learning, creating the most successful teaching approach possible.

Flexible Enough to Meet the Needs of Today's Teachers
Our Classroom Musicals have been performed by as many as 139 students and as few as 12. Whether a teacher needs to include the entire school, find a special project for an honors group, or present an academic unit to their classroom in a new and effective way, our musicals are flexible
enough to meet their needs. The musicals employ an ensemble style, getting everyone into the act.. The productions can be simple or grand, depending on grade level and the size of the student exposure group and support staff. The Performance Tapes provide a model for the students to learn on their own, as well as an entertaining presentation of the music and fact-filled lyrics for learning center use. The Teacher's Resource Manual provides everything a music or classroom teacher needs to both perform the program and integrate it into the curriculum. Plus, the wonderful music-only Accompaniment Tape lends a professionalism to every performance and confidence to the student performers. Teachers do not need to play the piano to put on our shows or use our programs in the classroom.

Get the Entire School Involved
Our interdisciplinary approach to learning gets the entire school involved. Teachers share the Classroom Activities, Worksheets, and Classroom Study Books with each other to reinforce their students' learning. Parents become involved, pulled into the process by the community showcase aspect of a production. Everyone benefits as the students see their everyday curriculum come alive on stage.

Motivation is the Key to Success
What Classroom Musicals do, above all else, is motivate students to participate in the learning process. They employ different modalities of learning, reaching the "hard to reach" student. The dramatic aspect makes concepts more accessible. The music aspect enlivens and assists rote learning. The beautiful illustrations help the students visualize component ideas. And the cooperative learning experience, in which everyone succeeds together, builds long lasting self-esteem.



I. Interdisciplinary Projects Provide Effective Classroom Organization:

A. Provides a Focus for course work, lesson planning and social skills.

1. Focus on long term projects funnels & integrates course work for students.
2. Focus on an interdisciplinary project provides a rationale for long term lesson planning.
3. Focus on a cooperative project provides a rationale to learn
social skills.

B. Creative drama provides a natural Cooperative Learning environment.

1. Everyone succeeds together.
2. Dramatics and music require listening and reacting:
mutual interdependence.
3. Group problem solving.
4. Students learn from each other and their shared experience.

C. Utilizes several Modalities of Learning at one time, reaching every student.

1. Combines auditory, visual, and tactile experiences.
2. Combines memorization and creative skills.
3. Integrates physical and intellectual learning.

D. Above all…It Motivates! Energy spills into every curriculum area.

E. Cooperation between Staff Members.

II. It Works! Students Really Learn:

A. Before & After Testing:

1. Pre-test: 65% of students achieved 80% score.
Post-test: 99% of students achieved 80% score.
2. Pre-test: 20% of students achieved 100% score.
Post-test: 80% of students achieved 100% score.

B. Integration = A sense of Control and Understanding.

C. Getting out of desks Breaks Classroom Stereotypes & Expectations:

1. Frees students to succeed ("I haven't failed at this yet").
2. Opens up new leadership opportunities.

D. Pressure of a Live Performance = discipline by natural consequences:

1. Self-discipline.
2. Peer Support; Peer Editing.

E. Live Performance = Parental Involvement & Support.

III. Flexibility:

A. Projects can be adapted to any number of participants (cast; class; school).

B. Projects can integrate several skill levels (Ks in same show w/ 6th graders).

C. Projects can utilize any size budget.

D. Projects can provide a wonderful teaching vehicle for the best talent on your staff.

E. Any level of Creative Input and Ownership by the Students and Staff is possible.



CenterStage Children's Theatre Troupe empowers young people by giving them the opportunity to teach and inspire, not just their peers, but the entire community. Theatre requires a great deal of self-discipline, hard work, creativity and cooperation. It also requires a connection with the audience and an internal vitality that energizes performer and spectator alike. This process instills a wonderful sense of achievement few other activities offer.

In their daily lives, children are often cast in the role of the passive student, taking from the community without having much of a chance to give anything back (until they "grow up"). With respect to many important issues (such as drug abuse, the environment, war and peace), children are usually seen as victims, as innocent and powerless casualties in a world that is beyond their grasp. CenterStage believes there is a great deal to learn from young people. We also believe that their message is far more powerful when they are the ones doing the speaking. CenterStage Children's Theatre provides them a voice.

Nearly every show we perform is a world premiere. Our actors must breath life into characters without reference to how it was done before. They have to make it all up themselves. And being a part of this process along side the actual author brings them into the collaborative process in a unique way.

As a touring troupe, our sense of community is always expanding. We meet and network with people all across North America, learning how other kids are schooled, what they're thinking, how they're reacting to events in their lives. And as we perform on a different stage each show, we learn how to adapt and work together, solidifying our own sense of confidence and creativity.

Children's theatre can be a tool that helps young people gain self-confidence, diverse communication skills, and personal character.

We care deeply about every individual young person we work with and do everything in our power to help them grow artistically, intellectually and personally during our time together. Each cast becomes a "family." The mutual support and commitment generated by everyone concerned is
what, ultimately, makes all the hard work worthwhile.



It is the policy of Center Stage Productions Corporation to help educate both our local community and the larger national community about global environmental problems. This is done mainly through the staging and touring of our original environmental musical, To Save the Planet, and follow-up materials presented to schools and community organizations throughout North America. With our student-aged CenterStage Children's Theatre Troupe, we have toured To Save the Planet to 115 different locations, performing to over 43,000 people. In addition, we make available the script and other materials to schools inter-nationally. Seventy-five schools, from Mexico City, Mexico, to Taipei, Taiwan, have put on the show themselves. Touring has enabled us to become a focal point of local environ-mental activity, and our staff regularly networks with people from around the country who have dedicated themselves to defending the environment. As an outgrowth of this net-working, Center Stage Productions Children’s Theatre Troupe and it’s founder, Tobin James Mueller, have been named laureates in the United Nations Global 500 Honor Roll, receiving this honro in London in 1994. We have also been ambassadors for the Children's Alliance for Protection of the Environment (CAPE).

Center Stage Productions is dedicated to giving children a voice, to providing them a forum in which that voice can be heard, and to encourage them toward greater participation in the important work of life. All of the works written and performed by Center Stage Productions acknowledge and uphold the sanctity of the world around us, as well as the sanctity of individual human dignity. We train our student actors not just to perform at a professional level, but to understand and be committed to the issues our works bring to light.

As a community service, we also provide seminars, artist-in-residences, workshops and other services to teachers and administrators so that they can infuse the energy of music and drama into their curriculum. We freely share our expertise and equipment with area organizations who are dedicated to the same ideals as we are.

Lastly, we encourage reuse, recycling and conservation in our daily office procedure. We keep up with the latest technological changes that positively affect energy and paper conservation and put them into place in our working environment. We encourage others to do the same.



Complete Teacher's Kit, Classroom Musical, accompaniment tapes and related study materials are available from our order form. Or call 1- 203-899-0319.
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