The tale of a Man-Made Messiah
an original musical

FRANKENSPELL SUPERSTAR is a one-hour rock opera about Frankenstein's Creature. Driving music and imaginative storytelling recreate the intensity and drama of Dr. Victor Frankenstein’s manic genius as he recreates life. His Creature runs to the mountains and finds a little girl who teaches him what it is to be human. Unlike the movie and Mary Shelley’s book, the Creature does not accidentally harm the girl, but returns to the Frankenstein Mansion for a dramatic finale with his creator. Performed off-Broadway, as well as toured by CenterStage Productions. A complete script, lyrics and accompaniment tape available from the publisher. Youth to Adult. (This show has been performed as a 90-minute one act off-broadway; this lengthened script is also available for use with a special order. Call 1- 203-899-0319 for details.)


Note: This script and music have been developed through 3 pre-broadway workshops, including Equity Workshops in the John Houseman and Willoughby Theatres, for preparations to open on Braodway as the full length two-act musical "Creature". Availablility of this title may depend on the timing of that opening and subsequent tour.


Song List:

Man On The Hill
Secret Of LIfe
Run, Run Away
Come Here, Boy
What We Have Learned
You Must Go Back
Have We Learned?