Mickey Spleen Saves the Day
a musical comedy whodunit about the human body


"This is the best show we've ever put on! The response was incredible. Tobin James Mueller is a genius at integrating educational material into understandable and completely entertaining shopws. And the swinf era music…the kids, the parenst, everyone just loved it."
Pam Hart, Grades 3-10
Director, Theatrix Children's Theatre

More Information:

MICKEY SPLEEN SAVES THE DAY is a 45-minute swing era musical for youth about the human body. Satirizing the old hardboiled detective stories, this delightful whodunit follows our hero, Mickey Spleen, as he teams up with the Lymphette Sisters to foil the evil plans of Vinny Virus. Meet the GI Guys, Skull and Bones, and the RNA Mobsters as you journey through the human body. The music is all swing era jazz; delightful, hilarious, and educational. Complete script, lyrics and accompaniment tapes are available from the publisher. Children: Grades 5-10.

Song/Scene List:

Save the Day
Who Done It?
Got to Circulate: about the circulation system
Skull and Bones: about the skeletal system
In Out Shout: about the lungs
Digest That: about the GI tract
The Chase!
Get a Life
Mickey Sums Up