To Save The Planet
A musical about the global environment and what we can do to help

Booklist Review:

In this musical fable, a noted environmental scientist travels the globe with his young daughter to help people save the earth. When all the children disappear, Dr. Murdoch follows the last great whale to an island where he finds the children hiding. The scientist must convince them that they can work together to successfully reclaim the planet. Using a combination of dialogue and songs, the CenterStage Children’s Theatre Troupe presents a thoroughly professional, polished performance. Sound production is excellent. in addition to narration, songs and script, the guide contains numerous charts and graphs. A previous release in this excellent series is DANGER, DINOSAURS! Complete scripts, choreography notes and scores are available. (Cynthia Alexa, Copyright 1991 Booklist, All Rights Reserved)

Governor Tommy Thompson's Review:

TO SAVE THE PLANET is a shining example of the type of work that must be done today to ensure our happiness and livelihood tomorrow. (Tommy Thompson, Governor of Wisconsin, April 1991)

Post-Crescent Review:

Aside from the message, presented in young people’s own idiom - pulsating music and intricate lyrics - just the theatricality of To Save the Planet is enough to overwhelm and inspire. In narration, song and dialogue, the show details the separate but related disasters devastating the planet: the extinction of animal species, the stripping of forests, the dying of lakes and rivers, the rending of the ozone layer, the prospect of us drowning in our own garbage. Mueller’s lyrics tell the story of frogs, who invented singing, going silent and disappearing; oil spills; acid rain. The kids sing the message with smashing sincerity. Indeed, the lyrical, harmonious and insistent beat of the music, aside from the message, is a gift from the generation of young people destined to become our future. We can’t do better than listen to their message. (Mary Ellen Ducklow, Copyright 1991 The Post Crescent, All Rights Reserved)

Bearclaws Review:

A feature of the Classroom Musical is its flexibility. They are designed for any combination of grades and ages. From 15 to 100 children actors can be used. Teachers who need to use different skill or grade levels, like after an school drama club or a gifted and talent class, find the package to be excellent for that purpose. Over 300 schools across the country have successfully used this series. The Classroom Musicals package comes with a director’s script, choreography and production notes, interdisciplinary activities guide, worksheets, scripts, piano scores, demonstration tapes and audiocassettes. The tapes help kids memorize their parts. (Larry Cowley, Copyright 1990 Bearclaws, All Rights Reserved)

Additional Information:

Composer/author Tobin JAMES MUELLER was inducted into the United Nations’ Global 500 Roll of Honor for his work with children and the environment worldwide. His youth musical TO SAVE THE PLANET has been performed over 300 times in seven countries. Tobin has also written 2 dramas, several books, a symphony and a ballet. He is a member of the Dramatists Guild, has served as past president of the WTA Children’s Theatre Division and was a WI Arts Board Artist from 1989-93.

TO SAVE THE PLANET is a one hour musical for youth about the global environment. It was awarded the 1994 United Nations’ Global 500 Award; the 1994 Wisconsin Association of Nevironmental Educators’ “Earthguard Award”; and the 1993 Midwest Renewable Energy Association’s “Environmental Excellence Award”. More than ifnormative and entertaining, this story inspires, reminding all of us what is at stake when saving the planet.

This audiotape captures the CenterStage Children’s Theatre Troupe at its best as they perform with energy and commitment the powerful script and inspiring songs of award-winning composer/playwright Tobin James Mueller. The subjects covered include environmental information on the rainforest, agriculture, population, recycling, the oceans, animal and plant extinction, and a listing of environmental groups and activities. Complete Teacher’s Kit, Classroom Musical, accompaniment tapes and related study materials are available from the publisher. Children: Grades 3-10.

Song List:

Save The Planet
It Can’t Happen Here
Where Are The Frogs?
Forest Cutters
There’s A Hole In The Sky
City Heat - Garbage Gala
Where have You Gone?