a musical comedy about the history of science and invention


"I Want to Know is a complete course in Western Civilization…in an hour! And the music is great! We developed this show with Wisconsin Arts Board artist-in-resident Tobin Mueller and the result is the best thing we've ever done!"**
Pulaski High School Drama Instructor
Pulaski WI

Bearclaws Review:

REVIEW: A feature of the Classroom Musical is its flexibility. They are designed for any combination of grades and ages. From 15 to 100 children actors can be used. Teachers who need to use different skill or grade levels, like after an school drama club or a gifted and talent class, find the package to be excellent for that purpose. Over 300 schools across the country have successfully used this series. The Classroom Musicals package comes with a director’s script, choreography and production notes, interdisciplinary activities guide, worksheets, scripts, piano scores, demonstration tapes and audiocassettes. The tapes help kids memorize their parts. (Larry Cowley, Copyright 1990 Bearclaws)

More About I WANT TO KNOW:

I WANT TO KNOW is a 75-minute musical about the history of science and invention. Through fast-paced and comic book style ensemble acting, it charts the history of science, transportation, medicine, industry, and household gadgets. Learn about the tinkerers and thinkers that made it all happen. Starting in pre-history, when a shaman’s magic and herbal remedies formed the core of scientific study, I Want to Know moves you through the ages, from Archimedes to Newton to Einstein and beyond, with comic book speed and humor. Fast-paced and full of variety, the music carries the flavor of each scientific age and originating country. Complete Teacher’s Kit, Classroom Musical, accompaniment tapes, History of Science Comic Strip and related study materials are available from the publisher. Youth: Grades 6-12.

More About the Author:

TOBIN JAMES MUELLER is a composer, lyricist, playwright, author, director and producer. His body of children’s music has been captured on10 separate recordings from CenterStage Productions. In addition, he has written 3 adult musicals, all of which have appeared on New York stages. As a Wisconsin Arts Board artist-in-r4esidence, he wrote I Want to Know in collaboration with the Pulaski High School Honors & Drama students in 1990; also setting up a MIDI Music Computer Lab. His touring troup, CenterStage CHildren's Theatre, has toured the show twice. In 1994, he was inducted into the United Nations’ Global 500 Roll of Honor for his work with children and the environment worldwide. His youth musical TO SAVE THE PLANET has been performed over 300 times in seven countries. Tobin has also written 2 dramas, several books, a symphony and a ballet. He is a member of the Dramatists Guild and has served as past president of the WTA Children’s Theatre Division.

Scene/Song List:

I Want to Know!
The History of Science Medley
The Power to Heal
The History of Transportation Medley
The Industrial Revolution Medley
I Want to Know Reprise